Founded in 1998, M&T International Hospitality Supplies is a Belgian family business, based near Brussels, Belgium. 

We are specialised in the hospitality supply business and serve our customers,  mainly in Europe, Asia and Africa, a wide gamma of products. Our clients range from hotels, restaurants, bars, catering businesses, Airbnb, institutions and others.

With over 40 years of experience we have built a unique network in our market. We offer a standard range of over 5.000 products, as well as all sorts of specific demands and customised projects our clients might need.

Our specialisation is all types of trolleys. Luggage trolleys, as well as dessert and cheese trolleys, room maid, laundry & housekeeping trolleys and minibar & room service trolleys.

Please contact us for any inquiry you might have. We are waiting for you and excited to help you with your projects!

Fully at your disposal,
The M&T Team

T: 0032 479 447 721
E: [email protected]