Hydroalcoholic lotion 5 liter AD 70 Hand lotion

Hydroalcoholic lotion 5 liter AD 70 Hand lotion

Hydroalcoholic lotion for friction hand disinfection. Hydroalcoholic solution to disinfect hands by friction. Particularly suitable for the healthcare sector and restaurants, hotels , catering ..... Can be used without water without rinsing or drying.

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To be used in dispensers art. 441441, 441440, 8441765, 8441449

On dry hands, apply a dose of lotion. Rub your hands according to the time indicated by the standard. Do not forget to rub the back of the hand, between the fingers, under the nails and then the wrists. Do not rinse. Packing - 5 L container, box of 12 bottles of 1 L. art. 844001 Technical data - Appearance: clear colorless liquid - Density: 0.85 - 0.91 Precautions For skin application only. Avoid eye splashes. Do not mix with other antiseptic products. Storage Conditions inherent to flammable products. Safety according to SDS Flammable liquid, Category 2. Eye irritation, Category 2. This mix does not present any danger to the environment. No damage to the environment is known or foreseeable under normal conditions of use. Biocidal product TP 1 Active biocidal substances: ETHYL ALCOHOL: CAS: 64-17-5, 700 g / kg. Best use date: 24 months from the date indicated in the number of lot present on the packaging.


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