Pacojet 4

Pacojet 4


4 - 8 days

Rated power: 1500 W. Mains voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz. Dimensions 204/365/498 mm. Blade speed 2000 rpm. Air pressure 1.0 bar. Ideal pacotizing temperature is -22° C.

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The price includes: 1 plastic Paossier® cup with lid; 1 Pacossier® wing; 1 protective cup; 1 complete mudguard.

The Pacojet 4 supports you with the individual requirements in your kitchen. The device functions enable excellent results with maximum productivity.

New: Jet® mode.

Choose between pacossing in classic paossier mode in 4 minutes or in jet mode in 90 seconds.

With Jet mode, certain recipes with a high fat and sugar content (e.g. ice cream) can be processed extremely quickly. This way you can further increase your productivity.

Working with overpressure or normal pressure. With overpressure the Pacojet works with a maximum of 1 bar. This creates a volume increase of approximately 20 – 30%. This is the perfect condition for e.g. B. To produce mousses with a creamy, airy consistency and a more intense taste experience.

Advanced auto repeat function Repeat pacos up to 10 times. This results in particularly light and creamy consistencies with maximum time savings.

The intelligent device properties of the Pacojet 4 provide practical user guidance and work processes can be further standardized.

Easy to use - Large touchscreen

The large touchscreen enables intuitive user guidance and animated assistance. The user interface is designed for use in a professional kitchen environment. Save recipe settings Saving and recalling the settings for processing your favorite recipes further increases efficiency in the kitchen. Standby function: If the Pacojet is not used for a long time, it switches to the energy-saving standby mode (time can be set), but is immediately ready for use again when the display is touched. Easy cleaning process - You can easily clean your Pacojet in two stages and with Pacojet cleaning tabs.

Safe working detection functions

The detection functions of the Pacojet 4 support the correct handling of the device and protect it against damage. The tool detection function ensures that the tool in question is correctly attached.

The splash guard detection function: ensures that the splash guard is used correctly.

The fill level detection function: generates a notification when the Paossier cup is too full.

WiFi function: By connecting the Pacojet via WiFi, the Pacojet service center can quickly and easily determine the cause of the error.


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