Pacojet 2 Plus

Pacojet 2 Plus


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This price includes : 1 Pacotizing® beaker. 1 Beaker stainless steel with lid (white). 1 Spray guard (including preliminary scraper) . 1 Synthetic protective outer beaker.

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The Pacojet 2 PLUS key features at a glance

A Pacojet is a unique device that makes, among other things, 100% natural sorbets and ice cream based on fresh fruit, fine herbs or vegetables and this with an incomparable quality, with a minimum of labor and maximum comfort.

• A new programmable auto-repeat function allows chefs to experiment with taste and texture to create dishes with an unbelievable mouthfeel.

• Its unique process enables chefs to increase the volume they get out of their ingredients – an important factor now with growing worries about the cost and availability of certain foods. The ‘pacotizing®’ process ensures virtually no wastage and its innovative functions can actually increase the volume of some foods, such as butter (whose price has soared) from the same amount of ingredients.

• The pacotizing® blade “Gold-PLUS”, made of titanium-nitride hardened metal, provides precision processing called pacotizing®, You can pacotize® everything from fruits to nuts and meats, ensuring perfect results from even the most challenging ingredients. 

• A new safety feature ensures the blade is securely locked in place before use, even with repeated pacotizing, reducing the potential of accidental damage – extremely useful as many chefs say the Pacojet is the kitchen tool they can’t do without.

The Pacojet 2 PLUS can make a dizzying variety of sweet and savoury dishes: foams, mousses and creams, terrines, patés, soups or broths, as well as ice creams and sorbets. It enables chefs to expand their menus with exciting and innovative dishes. The ‘pacotizing®’ process locks in the ingredients’ natural goodness and releases more flavour, enabling chefs to create and store dishes using seasonal produce that can be used throughout the year.

The versatility of the Pacojet 2 PLUS also makes it a true kitchen all rounder. With the Pacojet Coupe Set PLUS even the most challenging non frozen ingredients can be cut, such as herbs, as well as mince, puree, whisk, blend and process foods, singlehandedly doing the job of a handful of culinary tools.


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